domenica 20 maggio 2018

Lo Yoga nel Ramadan 2018/1439

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10 Reasons to practice YOGA while fasting in Ramadan 
1-Yoga improves your perception of food to stop craving fatty foods and start drinking more water. 
2-In Yoga, fasting is one of the very important tools for health and disease cure. 
3-Both improve your immune system. 
4-Yoga will help energize the body with deep stretches and slow movements.
5-Fasting and Yoga can help you manage your weight
6-Reduces stress.
7-Yoga helps with digestion.
8-Fasting may have anti-ageing benefits, as well as practicing Yoga.
9-Both fasting and yoga go arm in arm spiritually.
10-Practicing Yoga & Fasting Can Speed Up Your Detoxification Process. 

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