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La moglie del presidente della Nigeria, Aisha Buhari, esorta i Nigeriani ad abbracciare lo yoga

Buhari’s wife, Aisha, urges Nigerians to embrace Yoga

The First Lady, Aisha Buhari, on Sunday in Abuja urged Nigerians to embrace Yoga to enhance their physical and mental well-being.
Mrs. Buhari, who spoke at the First International Day of Yoga, organised by the Indian High Commission in Abuja, said, “Yoga is a gift from India to the world”.
The first lady, who was represented by Alanyingi Sylva, the wife of the former governor of Bayelsa, Timipre Sylva, said Yoga had been a success story of India.
“Her (Aisha’s) message is to thank the Indian High Commission for bringing Yoga and to encourage Nigerians to embrace the initiative of Yoga.
“This is because, it (Yoga) is for the well-being of your mind and body. Yoga is a very welcome initiative by the Indian High Commission because it has been around and it has been a source of well-being for the Indian people.
“It is a gift from India to the world. They’ve had a success story of Yoga for thousands of years and they are bringing it to Nigeria.
“We hope it is going to add to the well-being of Nigerians. Nigerians should do what is physically fit for them to enhance their well-being,” she said.
The Indian High Commissioner, Ajjanpur Ghanashyam, said Yoga is a concept designed for the well-being and wellness of humankind.
He said: “It tries to put together the body, the mind and the soul with the rest of environment and nature.
“The beauty of it is it doesn’t require any money, it doesn’t require equipment; it does not require any kind of financial investment and it helps you.
“Basically what it does is to make sure that your bones are fit, the joints of your bones are well-healed and well-oiled.
“You also feel more focused when you do your work and much more happy with yourself, with your family, with your environment and with your friends.
“So most people think that Yoga is a form of exercise; it is not just an exercise, it is much more than exercise,” he said.
Mr. Ghanashuam said Yoga had the capacity to increase the oxygen content inside the body to ensure well-being.
“It has been proved that children who do Yoga perform better in their examinations.
“They are able to hold their minds and focus on to what they are doing by helping their attention span to go up,” he said.
The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, whose address was read by Mt. Ghanashyam, said India was proud that the UN had taken Yoga as one of the world’s invaluable legacies.
“If we really wish to have a stable, stress-free life, we need to have a stable inner self.
“The opportunity of stability of inner self comes through the practice of Yoga when we attempt to explore our inner self everyday for a certain period of time.”
The UN General Assembly had on Dec. 11, 2014, declared June 21 of every year as the International Day of Yoga.

Fatima fa yoga respirando col nome di Allah

Fatima does yoga, breathing with name of Allah

BHOPAL: She's a devout Muslim. She offers namaz five times a day. And she also does surya namaskar, breathing in with the name of Allah. Syed Rubab Fatima, 47, has been practising yoga since 2000 and led the international yoga day celebrations at the sprawling Lal Parade Grounds in Bhopal, sharing the dais with chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Clad in spotless white, she performed four kriyas with athletic zeal for 30 minutes, her postures sometimes motionless and trance-like.

And it was a massive heart attack in 2007, which drew her to yoga. "Doctors said I have to follow a strict health regime and advised me to do asanas. Soon, I stopped taking medicines after six months. I was healed. I began advising others to do yoga."

Fatima feels there's no religious contradiction in yoga. "Namaz is the best yoga. If you are offering namaz five times a day, you are actually doing yoga. But, yogic breathing exercises boost concentration. I can breathe in with the sound of Allah and not say Om'. And the benefits are the same," said Fatima.

She was lucky not to face opposition from her family when she decided to take the plunge. "There's so much controversy about surya-namaskar, but I perform this asana regularly, but breathe in with the name of Allah. I am a Muslim, but I feel there's no religious conflict in performing asanas."

She learnt her first yoga lessons from a well-known yoga master, Pawan Guru. "Now, I am doing asanas at Shaskiya Yoga Kendra near Red Cross Hospital, Bhopal, under guidance of Dev Dayal Bharti. I never felt any discrimination for being a Muslim at yoga classes. My guru emphatically said that I can take the name of my God and practise breathing. And I need not pronounce Om."

Fatima wants to launch a yoga centre, particularly for Muslim women in Bhopal. Hindus too are welcome, she says. "Yoga is a fitness regime. Muslim women are usually in purdah and can neither go to gym or are aware of fitness regimes. These women can come in burqa and perform asanas indoors under a female instructor and still be in purdah. There are 99 names of Allah and I am trying to discover a similar vibration which is closer to Om," said Fatima.

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